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Do I need to be concerned about airflow?

It's a great thought! But not with our filters :). All Windmill Filters have been tested and approved for residential use. The trick though is to make sure you replace your filter on time. A clogged air filter (i.e. one that is not replaced on time)

Should I layer my 1" filters?

No. 1" air filters were not built to be stacked and doing so significantly reduces airflow.

What is the difference between the Windmill filters?

Our filters vary based on how much they filter out. A side-by-side comparison of our filters can be found here. And if you need any help choosing the best filter for you, take our quiz! We’re here to filter out the confusion.

Will Windmill Filters help my allergies?

Yes! All of our filters are capable of capturing particles like pollen and allergens. If you need help finding the best filter for you, take our quiz!

Are Windmill Filters good for pet owners?

They sure are! Our Preferred and Medical filters are capable of capturing particles like fur, dander, and pet allergens. If you need help finding the best filter for you, take our quiz!.

Which Windmill filter is best for me?

That totally depends on you and the air in your home! Learn more by visiting our filters page or take our quiz to find out right away which filter is best for you.

What particles do Windmill filters capture?

Windmill Filters are able to filter out certain particles based on how tight their fibers are. All of our products are designed to capture contaminants like dust, pollen, and mold, and some of our more advanced filters can even block dander, pollutan

What sizes do you offer?

We currently offer 12 sizes of 1" inch filters:. If your size isn't available, click here to tell us what size you need and you'll be notified (with a coupon!) when your size is ready. We are a small business trying to grow and plan to roll out many

Why does Windmill ship in bulk?

We ship in bulk (annual packs) to pass the savings directly to you and help decrease our carbon footprint. Many filter companies ship a filter to you every time you need to replace it. We'll just text you instead. This not only means fewer deliveries

Can I buy just 1 filter?

We currently only offer filters in packs of 4 or 6 (better for your wallet and the planet!). We are a growing small business and plan to roll out more buying options in the near future.

How does the quiz work?

Buying filters can be confusing - so many options and weird words. We built our quiz to make it simpler. We’ll ask you questions about the makeup of the air in your home and, based on that information, we’ll recommend the best type of air filter and

Are Windmill Filters recyclable?

Windmill Filters are meant to be disposed of because of the various particulates and contaminants they capture. In order to help offset the carbon footprint of our product we have partnered with Ecocart (learn more here).

How do I store my filters?

We would recommend storing your filters in the box that they arrived in. But if you want to keep just the filters, go for it! They arrive wrapped in a dust protector so you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty while stored away.

Can I wash and reuse my filters?

Windmill Filters are not washable and should be disposed of and replaced after use. Trying to wash and reuse an old Windmill filter can disperse moisture into your HVAC unit and ducts, which significantly increases the risk of mold spreading in your

How do I dispose of my filters?

Because your dirty filter will be covered in dust, gunk, and other contaminants that you don’t want to be inhaling or messing with, we recommend having a trash bag ready when you’re replacing it, throwing it right in there, and disposing of it in you

How do I change/install my air filter?

You're probably here because you either bought your first Windmill filter pack or just received your replacement reminder text. Either way, welcome (back) to the install lair!. Let's go through the 5 easy breezy steps on how to replace your air filte

What are the product details?

Windmill filters are made by the #1 filter media manufacturer in the world.

What makes Windmill filters unique?

We started Windmill filters to make buying and replacing your home air filters easier (and a little less boring).

Where are Windmill Filters made?

Windmill Filters are proudly made in the USA by the #1 filter media manufacturer in the world.

How do I sign up for text reminders?

You are actually signed up automatically after checkout! However, if you did not receive a text message at least 24 hours after you placed your order, please reach out to customer service (by either emailing us at [email protected] or by ch

How do text reminders work?

Remembering when to replace your filter is, well… another to-do on the already 1000+ home chores list to stay on top of. Let us handle this one. We’ll text you every time you need to change your air filter so that you don’t have to think about it. We