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What makes Windmill filters unique?Updated 3 months ago

We started Windmill filters to make buying and replacing your home air filters easier (and a little less boring). 

  • Quality: Our premium filters are made right here in the USA alongside the #1 filter media manufacturer in the world. They feature fibers that are antimicrobial, chemical-free, and electrostatic, which allow our filters to attract and remove up to 98% of contaminants from your home air.
  • Personalization: We also built a first-of-its-kind recommendation engine to take the guesswork out of filter buying. Terms like MERV, pressure drop, and arrestance are too confusing. Let’s instead talk about what’s actually in your air at home, and then match with you the best filter (and replacement schedule), specifically for you.
  • Reminders: Home chores pile up and are annoying to keep track of. Clear your mind and let us take on your filter installation and replacement to-dos. We’ll text you when it’s time to change your filter and also promise to never spam you with marketing messages -- these are purely fun and engaging reminders to keep your home air clean and healthy. 
  • Eco: We’re the only filter company to ship our filters 100% carbon neutral (at no cost to you). We want to make sure that we’re making as little of an impact as possible to the outside air, while you breathe cleaner inside air.

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