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What sizes do you offer?Updated 3 months ago

We currently offer 12 sizes of 1" inch filters:

  • 12x12x1
  • 12x24x1
  • 14x20x1
  • 14x24x1
  • 14x25x1
  • 14x30x1
  • 16x20x1
  • 16x25x1
  • 20x20x1
  • 20x25x1
  • 20x30x1
  • 24x24x1

If your size isn't available, click here to tell us what size you need and you'll be notified (with a coupon!) when your size is ready.

We are a small business trying to grow and plan to roll out many more sizes (including custom sizes) in the near future. 

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