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How do your annual auto-refills work?Updated 3 months ago

Looking to save money, decrease your carbon footprint, never forget a filter change again? You’ve come to the right place. 

Here’s how the annual auto-refills work: 

  1. Take our quiz, and we’ll recommend the best air filter and replacement schedule. Or, go to the “Shop” page and select the filter plan you prefer. 
  2. With the “Annual Auto-Refill” option during checkout, you’ll get a pack of filters for the entire year. We ship in bulk to both save you money and help decrease the carbon footprint of your order. You can pause or cancel at any time and it’s free shipping, always.
  3. Finally, we’ll text you every time a new filter is needed. No spam or marketing text, ever. Just fun(ny) filter change reminders. Clean air, clearer headspace! Go back to doing the other 1043 house chores you probably already have :)

Once the year is up and you’ve used all of your filters from the bulk pack, we will ship you a new box of filters.

We’re always looking to improve our service and offering. Let us know how it’s going at [email protected]

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