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What is the difference between fiberglass and pleated air filters?Updated 3 months ago

Fiberglass filters serve only one purpose, and that is to protect your furnace or air conditioning system from particulate build up. Pleated filters (known for their accordion look) not only protect your system from this gunk, but they also significantly improve the air quality in your home. So if you want to consider reducing contaminants like mold, dander, allergens, pollution or bacteria in your home air, pleated filters are the choice for you.

Of course, pleated filters do cost more than fiberglass filters, but that is entirely a result of the quality and benefits of the product. It’s actually kind of like buying organic food. At first glance they seem similar enough and one is much cheaper, but the other option has more health benefits that impact your short and long-term health. 

Also, fiberglass filters require more maintenance, as they have to be replaced much more frequently. Pleated high-efficiency filters on the other hand work for significantly longer.

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