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What are the benefits of an air filter?Updated 3 months ago

Short Answer:

Air Filters have 3 primary benefits. Windmill Filters:

  1. Clean the air you breathe at home
  2. Protect your HVAC from gunk build up and potential damage
  3. Help lower your energy bills (by 5-15% a month)

Long Answer:

Air Filters have 3 primary benefits:

Health Benefits

Air filters clean the air you breathe at home, delivering many health benefits to you and your loved ones. Clean air isn't just good decreasing asthma and/or allergy symptoms. It also provides anti-aging skin benefits, improved digestive health, better sleep quality, and boosted cognitive functioning.

Protect Your HVAC System

By capturing particles that circulate in your home and HVAC system, filters prevent gunk from building up and damaging your unit. Like the old saying goes, a filter a day keeps the repairman away... something like that :)

Lower Your Energy Costs

According to the US Department of Energy, a good filter can reduce your monthly energy bill by 5-15%. Our recommended replacement schedule and text reminders ensure that your filters are changed on time... for you and your wallet.

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