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The Environment - Fan

How does the fan help lower my energy use?

When a fan is pointed at you, the faster moving air (from the fan) displaces the warmer air in direct contact with your skin. The result… you feel cooler! And because you feel cooler, you can raise your AC thermostat a few degrees and use a lower AC

What makes the Windmill fan more eco friendly?

The fan has internal parts made with 50% recycled materials. It also connects to the Windmill Air app, so you can shut it off remotely and avoid unnecessary energy usage. And, we use a more efficient DC fan motor (which makes the fan much quieter as

What does it mean that your fan has internal parts made with 50% recycled materials?

One of our goals is to find the most impactful ways to be eco-responsible when we build and bring to market new products. For the air circulator and fan, we chose to make as much of the internal parts out of 50% recycled materials as possible (see ce