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What is Windmill's Eco Rewards Program?Updated 3 months ago

Earn cash while helping the planet and supporting energy conservation!

Windmill’s Eco Rewards Program is an environmentally conscious, first-of-its-kind program for window ACs. When it’s hot out, the program reduces stress on your local electrical grid, which helps lower pollution, decrease energy costs, as well as limit potential blackouts.

Sign up for Eco Rewards from the Windmill Air app in just 3 minutes! Here’s what to expect: a few times per summer when electricity use is especially high (i.e., when it’s hot out), Windmill will automatically adjust the setting of your AC(s) by changing the temperature slightly or briefly switching them to fan mode. Most people don’t notice any change, but this small step will help the environment, conserve power, keep your air clean…and earn you cash (paid for by utilities and energy markets)!

In terms of an actual Windmill Eco Rewards Event, here are some additional details:

- In almost all cases, we’ll notify you before each Event by email and/or in the app.

- Events usually take place on weekday afternoons and evenings May-September, and each Event will typically last 3-4 hours. On average, there will be 4-5 Events per summer.

- Your air conditioner(s) may turn to fan mode for up to 10 minutes at a time.

- Note: you can opt out of the Event at any time.

Sit back and let your AC participate in Eco Rewards Events to earn Eco Rewards each year! Customers in New York can choose from:

- $60 per AC: Annual pack of activated carbon filters for cleaner air.

- $20 per AC: Windmill gift card for use on the site

- $10 per AC: Cash $$$

- Your AC must participate in a majority of Eco Rewards events in a given summer to be eligible (so try not to opt out)!

Thank you for helping the environment and the planet that we all call home! Stay breezy.

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