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How do I clean and replace the filters?Updated 9 months ago

In order to improve the quality of your air and ensure your AC doesn’t break, it’s important to regularly wash the reusable filter, as well as change your activated carbon filter every ~3 months (depending on use). The color of the degree symbol (on the display panel) changes from white to red to indicate that it’s time to wash/change your filters. When you’re done, just hold down the filter button on the unit for 5 seconds until it beeps and resets.

WARNING: Power off and unplug the AC before you change the filter.

To clean the included reusable antimicrobial-protected filter:

  1. Remove the front intake grille. Place your hands in the bottom groove and pull out (it’s magnetic, so should be easy!)
  2. Remove the filter. Use the plastic grips near each hole as you pull out. Be careful not to snap off the plastic pegs where the filter rests.
  3. Wash the filter. Use warm water below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Lightly shake off excess water. Do not use soap to clean the filter.
  4. Return filter and front intake grille. Align the holes in the filter with the plastic pegs. When it is secure, insert the front intake grille’s magnets into their respective holes on the front bezel.

You can also watch this video:

For cleaner, fresher air, we also included a removable activated carbon filter, which helps remove odors, smoke, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the air. To learn more and subscribe, visit

To replace your activated carbon filter, watch this video:

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