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How do I clean and maintain my AC?Updated 10 months ago

We want your unit staying fresh and clean.

WARNING: Turn off and unplug the AC before you clean it. Do not clean the inside of the AC unit. Only authorized personnel can clean the interior of the product.

Cleaning instructions and notes:

  • You can clean the exterior parts of your AC with warm water and mild liquid dishwashing detergent. Use a soft wash cloth.
  • Use a dryer part of the cloth to wipe down the display and buttons. Be careful not to get water or detergent near the display or buttons.
  • Do not use harsh cleaning products.
  • Clean your re-suable filter using warm water under the sink. Your unit will stop working if you do not regularly clean your filters.

Storage notes:

  • Remove the AC carefully from the window following the Installation Guide’s instructions.
  • Store it in the original packaging or use a plastic cover or bag.
  • Do not store the unit where it can be punctured or damaged.
  • Do not store in a room with any open flame appliances (i.e. furnaces, gas water heaters, etc.).
  • Do not store in a room with electrical heaters.
  • Do not store if the unit is damaged. Fix the unit before storing.

Learn more in our owner's guide:

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