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Clyde - AC

What is Clyde?

Clyde is an insurance technology company that has built a marketplace of top-rated insurers. Clyde enables Windmill to offer our customers great product protection coverage. We work closely with Clyde to manage our protection plan program.

What is included in the Clyde Protection Plan?

Clyde Protection Plans cover accidental damage from the time you receive delivery of your product, as well as extending our one year limited warranty, giving you accident coverage and extending your limited warranty depending on the number of years y

Do I qualify for Clyde Protection Plan options?

The Clyde Protection Plan is available to you if all of the following are true:. ●      You are a customer in the United States of America (excluding territories). ●      You purchased directly from Windmill at ●      Your order was

How do I purchase a protection plan?

There are three ways to add a Clyde Protection Plan to your product:. 1. During checkout at You can choose the Clyde protection plan option at checkout when purchasing your product. 2. Through the link in the post-purchase email with